Micheline Brunelle, Inter Pares donor

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Micheline Brunelle
Credit: Jack Hui Litster

I love making connections with new people. My background is in theatre, and I have always loved to travel. I eventually became a therapist, so that I could help people to find their inner strength and their autonomy. Community work fascinates me, but it did not end up being my career path. So, for me, supporting organizations who are working for social change is very important.

In Inter Pares work, I see the values that are meaningful to me. Inter Pares vision is based on mutual respect and creating autonomy. I have been a loyal supporter of Inter Pares for more than twenty years. What first drew me to Inter Pares is the idea of working towards social justice, on the understanding that we are all equal.

Many years ago, when my partner Claude and I were travelling in Asia, it really dawned on me how privileged we are in North America. And yet, on that trip, despite what to my eyes appeared as a life of struggle for so many, we saw so much vitality, and happiness. And that is so often what we are really trying to find.

It is an honour for me to be part of Inter Pares as a donor. The bridges that are built through this work, between different communities across the world, creating opportunities to share experiences with each other - that, for me, is inspiring.

I returned to university to study international relations and human rights. I look forward to finding new ways to become involved in this work not only as a donor, but also as an activist.

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