How we work


Women group in India
Credit: Anna Paskal

To globalize equality, Inter Pares collaborates with people and organizations who are dedicated to building more just societies and creating positive change.

This is how we put solidarity into action:

  • we raise funds to support our counterparts in Canada and abroad;
  • we advocate for improved and fairer policies;
  • we carry out public campaigns and share stories to engage and inspire Canadians;
  • we support women’s leadership through our feminist approach;
  • we facilitate learning exchanges by bringing together activists who are struggling with the same issues;
  • we draw on forty years of experience to offer organizational support to our counterparts.

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At the heart of the collaboration with our counterparts lies the profound belief in the equality of all people.

We do not have overseas offices in the countries where we work. Instead we choose to support organizations and activists working in their own countries to confront injustice, helping them strengthen their work and increase their impact as we also learn from them. These collaborations are not one-way “helping” relationships, but a two-way collaborative relationship.

Meet our counterparts.

Our co-management structure

Internally, full-time staff are co-managers, managing the institution through consensus-based decision making. Though everyone plays a different role, they share equal responsibilities, equal participation in decision making and an equal base salary.

All full-time staff collaborate in raising funds and are involved in the programming and financial management of the organization, assuring a high degree of transparency, cohesion and rigour.

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Our supporters

Inter Pares’ social justice work is an expression of the values shared by many Canadians: peace, justice, equality, human dignity and international solidarity. Thousands of Canadians express these values by getting involved with our work or by making a donation to Inter Pares.

Our ethics at work

As a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), Inter Pares is in compliance with the CCIC Code of Ethics. The Code sets out the vision, ethical principles, and standards that guide CCIC members’ activities.

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Highlights of Our History

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