Inter Pares Annual Report 2016 - Hope at the Grassroots

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We are pleased to announce that our Annual Report 2016 is out! This year, we reflect on the many sources of hope upon which we at Inter Pares draw during challenging political times.
Our source of inspiration is the determination of the people with whom we work, and in our shared belief that another world is possible. Our donors’ generous support helps bring together women activists from Central America and Colombia to share peacebuilding experiences that will inform Colombia’s first days under a new peace agreement. Our community of supporters and allies has enabled public events across Canada to raise awareness about the plight of thousands of migrant workers whose lack of permanent immigration status makes them vulnerable to abuse at the hands of their employers. Together, we are standing up for the rights of communities harmed by Canadian mining companies, and we are creating new mechanisms to hold them accountable for harms they cause. In so many areas we see people coming together and change happening.

We hope you enjoy reading this Annual Report!


Download (pdf 2.68 MB)