Inter Pares Annual Report 2013 – Globalize Equality

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The world is constantly evolving, and Inter Pares evolves with it. Our methods continue to change, adapt and adjust. To better reflect who we are today, Inter Pares has been working on updating our image and our way of explaining how we put solidarity into action. It was quite an undertaking!

One thing was clear from the beginning: we wanted to keep our name. Inter Pares, which means “among equals,” continues to reflect the emphasis we place on equality within the organization and in our relationships with our counterparts. Guided by feminist principles, Inter Pares works in partnership with women and men who believe that structural inequalities are an obstacle to social justice. By providing financial, organizational, and political support, we work in solidarity with people whose unwavering commitment to their causes often gives them more in common with activists than development professionals.

The main element of our new logo is the equals sign, as equality is central to our work. Our new slogan, globalize equality, is a combination of two rarely associated terms. It almost sounds like an oxymoron. For many, globalization has come to represent an economic system that has not led to greater prosperity for all and has in fact concentrated power and wealth in fewer hands. Inter Pares hopes to reclaim all that globalization represents in terms of cross-cultural dialogue as well as connections between the struggles and shared hopes of real people. One of the many ways we do this is by providing ongoing support to the work of inspiring counterparts here and overseas, year after year. We believe the people who form the organizations we partner with represent the real experts in the battle they face. We also believe we can all learn from each other’s experiences, because the causes of inequality are usually the same, in Canada and abroad.

This Annual Report reflects the depth of these collaborations, which are the result of relationships that have developed over time, and their impact in various thematic areas. To do this, we are presenting some of our counterparts’ successes of 2013. These twelve concrete examples are just a few of the activities and the results of Inter Pares’ work with 123 counterparts across Latin America, Africa, Asia and here in Canada. The report will give you a sense of Inter Pares’ work regarding economic justice, women’s equality, health, migration, peace and democracy, local control over resources and food sovereignty.

Inter Pares counterparts, wherever they operate, share a passion for social justice. And as long as there are reasons for striving to create a better future, Inter Pares remains inspired to keep working, together, to globalize equality.


Our annual report will also present the summary statement of our financial position. The full financial statements are available here


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