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Over the next five weeks we’ll share amazing stories of hope brought to life through the words of inspiring people: Razia, Lina, Mariam, Omar and Anne. These are stories of hope that you help to create.

As a special collaboration this year, our friends Jason Roth and Cheryl Steadman-Roth in Halifax have offered us all a special gift to help grow our community of supporters. For every new donor to Inter Pares between now and December 31st, Jason and Cheryl will donate $500. They will do so, all the way to a maximum of $50,000.

As Jason says : "The focus of Inter Pares, of touching people’s lives, is a concept that speaks to us. We are supporting people who are devoting their lives to the social change we believe in. Give because you’ll feel better. Do it now, because there is a much greater sense of enjoyment in seeing an improvement in people’s lives right now. There is a need now."

What better time to step into the circle of giving, and help create a better world!

For all the ways that you give, we want to thank you!

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