Video: 80 Law Profs call on government to make Canada #open4justice

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Professor Shin Imai, associate professor at Osgoode Law School

A group of 80 university professors have collectively signed a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging him to stick with his election promise of creating a human rights ombudsman for the international extractive sector in Canada. Shin Imai, associate professor at Osgoode Law School, says that an independent ombudsman is key and will help hold companies accountable for ongoing and serious human rights and environmental violations in Canadian mining operations overseas.

Canada dominates the global mining industry, with over half of the world’s mining companies headquartered in Canada, and active projects in 100 countries. The budgets of these companies are often bigger than the budgets of the countries in which they mine. Yet there are virtually no regulations in Canada to prevent unscrupulous companies from taking advantage of weak environmental and labour laws, lax oversight of health and safety regulations, or lack of protection for human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Inter Pares works with the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, and experts like Professor Shin Imai across the country,  to urge Canada to create an effective, independent Ombudsman for the Extractive Sector to hold Canadian mining companies to account. Canada can do its part. Work with us to make Canada Open fo Justice!

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