Stop a Canadian company from bankrolling war crimes in Burma

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We must ensure no Canadian company is complicit in the Burma military junta’s war crimes.

Send an email to your MP, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly, and demand the Government of Canada sanction the junta’s largest remaining income source and ensure Canadian companies cannot do business with Burma’s military regime.

Take action now. 



For the past three years, a Burmese state-owned extractives corporation has bankrolled the junta’s war on civilians. The billions of dollars that the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) brings in for the junta has allowed Burma's military to kill thousands of civilians, arbitrarily detain thousands more, target towns and villages with air assaults and drive millions of people from their homes.

Despite this, MOGE remains free of Canadian sanctions. 

Why does this matter?

A Canadian company called MTI Energy is set to purchase a massive stake in a gas field off Burma’s coast. This would put a Canadian company in direct partnership with MOGE – effectively in partnership with the military junta. MTI Energy would pay dividends, taxes and royalties to the junta and that money would support the military’s crimes againt humanity and war crimes against the people of Burma.

Tell the Government of Canada it must act now and sanction MOGE. 

Recently, armed resistance to the coup has captured military strongholds and is governing large parts of the country, denying the junta effective control. With the military weakened, this is a crucial time. Sanctions targeting MOGE – the largest remaining income source to the junta – could help turn the tides towards a peaceful, democratic, federal future.

It’s time for the Canadian government to answer our calls to sanction MOGE and ensure no Canadian company is complicit in the regime’s crimes.

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    Action must take
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    Please take action thanks
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    Please stop supporting junta
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    Action must take
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    Need help