May is Mining Justice Month!

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Mural in honour of anti-mining activist Marcelo Rivera, murdered in 2009. San Isidro, Cabañas, El Salvador. Credit: Jen Moore

Every May, people across Canada take action for mining justice. Join Inter Pares and the 30+ members of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability in calling for greater accountability of Canadian mining companies for negative human rights impacts of their operations around the world.

Is Canada finally Open for Justice?

The Canadian government announced in January that Canada will be the first country in the world to have an independent Ombudsperson to which people harmed by Canadian corporations overseas can turn for justice. While only the first step, effectively implemented, the Ombudsperson office could be a global game-changer.

However, the Ombudsperson office is not yet in place. A credible and effective Ombudsperson must be free from political and corporate interference. And it must have teeth, especially the power to conduct effective investigations and compel companies to provide the information required to get at the truth.
We need your help to make the Ombudsperson an effective part of a new Corporate Accountability strategy for Canada!


Tell the Canadian government to fulfill the promises it made in January.


Take action to ensure that Canada’s Ombudsperson will be truly effective.

Send a message to Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:

  • Explaining why this issue is important to Canadians, or why it’s important to you personally;
  • Urging him to take all necessary steps to ensure that the ombudsperson is independent from political and corporate influence;
  • Underscoring that in order to be effective, it is crucial that the Ombudsperson be given the tools necessary to compel corporate disclosure, including summoning witnesses and compelling documents.

Send your email to the Prime Minister: and cc the Minister of International Trade Or give PM Trudeau a phone call: 1 (613) 995-0253.


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  • Richard Abbott
    We need a free and independent mining ombudsman to monitor human rights and environmental standards by Canadian mining companies in Canada and worldwide. Our lax laws related to the mining sector have allowed Canadian mining companies to commit human rights and environmental abuses for too long.