Inter Pares welcomes its new Co-Executive Directors

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Charlotte Kiddell and Samantha McGavin Credit: Ashley Armstrong

Inter Pares is pleased to announce the appointment of Charlotte Kiddell and Samantha McGavin as Co-Executive Directors of the organization. They replace outgoing Co-Executive Directors Rita Morbia and Kathryn Dingle. 

As a feminist organization, Inter Pares has a horizontal co-management structure where all staff earn the same base salary and major decisions are made by consensus. As part of this model, Inter Pares selects its Executive Directors from among current staff, rather than recruiting newcomers into these roles.

Charlotte Kiddell joined Inter Pares in 2018 as Fundraising Program Manager, with a wealth of experience in community organizing and advocacy. “Inter Pares has introduced me to a global community of activists and changemakers, of which I am honoured to be a part. I look forward to deepening my engagement with our counterparts and allies in this new role,” Charlotte said. 

Samantha McGavin has been with Inter Pares since 2002, contributing her skills and knowledge in several roles, most recently as a Burma program manager, and previous to that as Fundraising Manager and then Communications Director. “It’s a privilege to be part of many feminist and social justice movements through Inter Pares,” Samantha affirmed. “I look forward to contributing in new ways to this important work in Canada and around the world.”

Charlotte and Samantha will each retain their current program management responsibilities, while expanding their representation of Inter Pares. Rita remains with Inter Pares as a co-manager, focusing on her collaboration with counterparts in Sudan, the Philippines, and Canada. Kathryn has moved on from Inter Pares, and we wish her all the best in this new chapter.

Amanda Dale, Chair of the Board of Directors added, “We are deeply grateful to Rita and Kathryn for their leadership, collaboration and their commitment to Inter Pares’ mission.  It is a comfort to know Rita's contribution will remain a part of our programming. We also enthusiastically welcome Charlotte and Samantha to their new roles, and look forward to seeing what their fresh perspectives will add to the promising future of our work to globalize equality.”

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  • Khushi Kabir
    Congratulations to the new Co-executive Directors. Sam I have met before. I am sure Inter Pares will continue to carry on with its legacy. Comforting to know that Rita will continue to be with Inter Pares
  • Agathe Gaulin
    Félicitations Sam & Charlotte! Je comprends bien que ce rôle de co-directrices générales n'est qu'un remaniement de vos multiples responsabilités au sein de l'équipe. Continuez le bon travail!!
  • Dawn Jones
    Congratulations, Sam!
  • Dawn Jones
    Congratulations, Sam!
  • Doug Ward
    Sam - Congratulations Charlotte - Congratulations and I look forward to meeting you. Rita and Kathryn - Thanks for your huge contributions!
  • Caroline Boudreau
    Co-bravo aux 2 nouvelles directrices et co-chapeau-bas à Rita et Kathryn qui passent le flambeau!
  • Karen Seabrooke
    My hearty congratulations to Sam and Charlotte for taking on the important responsibility of co-Executive Directorship at I.P.! I have no doubt that you two will carry on the fine tradition of so many former E.D.s and co-E.D.s whi have steered the organization so very well. All the best and hugs and kisses too! ⭕️❌⭕️❌
  • Jonathan Lomas
    Well Samantha, it was about the only role you hadn't yet filled at Inter Pares! Lots of luck doing it (while juggling all the other roles too) and welcome to the role for Charlotte. Enjoy the loss of the mantle Rita and glad you'll still be around and thanks for all you did over the last few years.