Inter Pares Film Nights features "El Contrato" - Q&A with filmmaker to follow

event : Film screening


Come and join us for our 3rd edition of Inter Pares Film Nights. This month, we will be watching and discussing “El Contrato” (The Contract), a documentary by award-winning filmmaker, community artist, and teacher Min Sook Lee. “El Contrato” follows farmers from Central Mexico in their annual migration to southern Ontario to pick tomatoes. The documentary shines a light on the unfair working conditions of these migrant workers who come to Canada every year and who work under conditions that no local worker would accept.

After the film, Min Sook Lee will join us online to answer questions and engage in a dialogue about how the situation affecting migrant workers has evolved since the filming of “El Contrato.” An area of special concern is the new “4 & 4 Law” which will take effect on April 1st, resulting in the imminent deportation of thousands of migrant workers, many of whom have developed strong ties with their host communities. Min Sook Lee will also talk about her current project “Migrant Dreams,” an upcoming film supported by Inter Pares that documents the lives of migrant women who have left their homes to work in Canada in order to support their families.

We look forward for this screening to spark conversations and ideas on how to show solidarity and act for migrant workers’ dignity.

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P.S. There will be popcorn!