Forum on Challenges of Sustainable Fisheries: The global and the local context

event : Conference


Inter Pares is thrilled to welcome Khushi Kabir to Canada this October from Bangladesh. For decades, Khushi has been committed to organizing women around issues of crucial importance in Bangladesh such as land rights. She is the coordinator of Nijera Kori, a social mobilization organization with which Inter Pares has collaborated for more than three decades. 

While in Newfoundland Khushi will be part of a public forum, "The Challenges of Sustainable Fisheries: The Global and the Local Context."




Documentary Screening and discussion of "Murky Waters: investigating the environmental and social impact of shrimp farming in Bangladesh."


Forum and discussion

International Guest Speaker:

Khushi Kabir - Nijera Kori in Bangladesh ("We Do It Ourselves")

Local Guest Speakers:

Joseph S. Wroblewski - Department of Ocean Sciences in the Faculty of Science at MUN

Sharmane Allen - PhD Candidate in Geography in Faculty of Arts at MUN

Tom Best - Petty Harbour Fisheries Cooperative Society


Marilyn Porter: Professor emerita, Sociology