Women's Health, Women's Rights BC Speaking Tour 2018

event : Presentation & discussion


Come and meet activists from Likhaan Centre for Women’s Health in the Philippines. Participate in inspiring discussions of successful community organizing, service delivery and advocacy.

25 September 6pm  En’owkin Centre. 
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26 September 7pm Shambhala Performance Hall, Selkirk College, Tenth Street Campus 
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29 September 3pm REACH Community Health Centre, 1145 Commercial Drive
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1 October 7pm  Flux Media Art Gallery, 821 Fort Street
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2 October 7pm    Vancouver Island University, Room 203, Building 355 (Arts & Sciences)
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3 Oct 7pm    Florence Filberg Centre
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Guest speakers:

Lina Bacalando:
Lina is a community health worker and women’s rights advocate with over 20 years of experience in empowering marginalized women through community education and training programs. Her work focuses on responsible parenthood, family planning, fertility awareness, cervical cancer prevention and screening, prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care, maternal complications, sexual violence, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/ AIDS, and responsible relationships for youths. Lina has worked at the Likhaan Centre for Women’s Health since 1996, and is also the President of Mothers Organization for Total Health Education Research and Services.

Joy Salgado:
Joy is a feminist and ardent advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights.  As Likhaan’s Advocacy Program Coordinator, Joy does alliance and networking with different stakeholders, and handles the various advocacy projects of Likhaan.  She enjoys being a single mom to her one and only daughter.